Any Day Now

I’m going to write an essay on what we humans need to do and why we need to do it. Interstellar space travel. In a Generation Spaceship traveling the Cosmos.

We humans don’t need to travel to other earthlike planets to survive. We humans can build Interstellar Generation space ships that can travel the Cosmos forever and be a lot safer than living on an oversize Asteroid. The Cosmos is full of raw materials for humans to build Interstellar Spaceships.

If we humans were on a Generation Spaceship and the Neutron star was coming our way; we could get out of the way. If a Neutron Star comes towards our Solar System, it will rip it apart. I think the scientists called this Spaghettified. And what about large Asteroids hitting the planet. Look at what a large Asteroid did to the Dinosaurs. And what about Yellowstone? It could explode any day and wipe out the earth. And what about viruses? The Coronavirus is like a cold compared to a Super Virus.  Our Generation Spaceship doesn’t have to travel close to the speed of light. All it needs to do is be able to travel. I believe we humans can figure out how to use Dark Energy for fuel. All Dark Energy is, is energy. So all we need to do is figure out how to create it into fueling the Generation Spaceships. Why do we have to have a Generation Spaceship that travels almost the speed of light? Can you imagine what kind of fuel this would take and how dangerous this would be? I say travel the Cosmos forever. There are so many interesting Galaxies we could investigate.

The planet earth will one day be destroyed. It’s not if but when. Interstellar Generation Spaceship has a better chance of surviving. And why in the hell do we have to find an earthlike planet? I will bet ten to one there are other planets in our Galaxy that are a hell of a lot better than earth. And then we can also travel to different galaxies. Like the Andromeda Galaxy, and there are so many others. So you say it would take many generations to do this. I say, So what? Let’s do it. We’re so damn busy accusing each other of stupid things like voter fraud and so many other silly things. And we have the Universe at our fingertips. Yes, the universe. And who knows what comes after that. There’s only one way to find out. Right now we have enough humans and the resources to do this. Where do we get the humans? From earth. Where do we get the resources? From the Asteroid belt. I’ll bet if you take the gold that’s in the asteroid belt and pile it up you would have a pile bigger than our sun. This is just one raw material the asteroid belt has to offer.

For starters we will need an Interstellar Generation Spaceship twenty miles long and five miles wide. Once we get a Generation Spaceship built like this we can start building larger ones and send Generation Spaceships out into all directions.

One day are sun will explode and destroy our solar system. I want my descendants to look at a interstellar map and point to a spot on it and say, this empty spot used to be where we started.

This is not simple to do and it is not hard to do but it is challenging.

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