B 1

Love Of Wisdom.

“United We Stand Divided We Fall.” B1.

I have some terrible news for Democrats and Republicans. You’re being played. There’s no such thing as a Democratic and Republican Party in America anymore.

If you watch so-called Mainstream Media News, you’re being played. You ask, why is this? One of the reasons is because you have forgotten God. And another reason is you have chosen ignorance over intelligence. You rather play a computer game and do drugs and drink than read a book. You have forgotten God so you can continue in your sin. Your enemy has compromised you.

Corporations have sent their factories to China. Americans can’t wait; you stand in line to buy the Chinese Communist Party’s rubber dog shit at Walmart.

The American Silver certificate dollar bill you have traded for Monopoly Money. The American $1 bill that said in “God We Trust” you traded it for the Chinese Communist Party to rule over you.

There is only one way to stop this takeover of the American Constitution: Unite, B 1. United we stand divided we fall.

Why did American Corporations and Businesses move to China? Because The Chinese Communist Party has no moral compass. American Corporations and Businesses will move back to America, but with the Chinese Communist Party rule of law. And you Americans won’t even know what is happening to you and your country. America only has two things that are holding America together. God and The American Constitution. Soon both will be shredded in America.