There are three kinds of people who view my Blogs: Those who like it, those who hate it, and those who simply don’t understand. I am especially interested in this last category. I hope my Blogs will create conversation and reach people on a deeper level. I like to use metaphors and multiple levels of meaning to reach my viewer. If it makes them think and feel, then it is successful.”

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Is The Universe Finite

Is The Universe Finite?

Quantum Theory. Quantum Theory Definition: a theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta, especially quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is a fundamental theory in physics that provides a description of the physical properties of nature at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. It is the foundation of all quantum physics including quantum chemistry, quantum field theory, quantum technology, and quantum information science. Wikipedia

At a basic level, quantum physics predicts very strange things about how matter works that are completely at odds with how things seem to work in the real world. Quantum particles can behave like particles, located in a single place; or they can act like waves, distributed all over space or in several places at once.

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Kardashian Scale

Humanity is so far behind the 8 ball. Humanity isn’t even a number one Kardashian scale.

The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy it is able to use. The measure was proposed by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964.

The scale has three designated categories. This is the first 3 of 6 parts of the Kardashev scale.

A Type I civilization, also called a planetary civilization, can use and store all of the energy available on its planet.

A Type II civilization, also called a stellar civilization, can use and control energy at the scale of its planetary system.

A Type III civilization, also called a galactic civilization, can control energy at the scale of its entire host galaxy.

At the current time, humanity has not yet reached Type I civilization status. Physicist and futurist Michio Kaku suggested that, if humans increase their energy consumption at an average rate of 3 percent each year, they may attain Type I status in 100–200 years, Type II status in a few thousand years, and Type III status in 100,000 to a million years.

The Kardashev Scale has become a standardized way of classifying (hypothetical) advanced civilizations. The lowest rank, Type 1, is still way ahead of us but by how much? When will we achieve Type 1 status and exactly how could we plausibly do so? In this video, we go through some estimates of when humanity might become Type 1, and in particular what kind of energy sources we could harness to achieve this feat.
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The Truth

Dear Politicians, Corporate CEOs and Chinese Communist Party.


Jordan Peterson shares life’s greatest wisdom on how to become a truthful human. In an Eye-Opening video, Jordan Peterson talks about truth, lies and humanity. ~ Jordan Peterson Motivation

Sincerely, Norman L Bliss.

One of the Greatest Speeches Ever

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Fermilab is one of the world’s finest laboratories dedicated to studying fundamental questions about nature. In this video, Fermilab’s own Dr. Don Lincoln talks about some of Fermilab’s leading research efforts that will lead the field for the next decade or two. If you want to learn more about Fermilab’s research, there is more information here: Fermilab

Everything you need to know about Fermilab

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Beam Me Up, Scotty

Quantum Entanglement

Spooky Action At A Distance

Quantum entanglement is one of the weirdest phenomena in quantum mechanics. It is so strange that even Albert Einstein did not believe in it. He called it spooky action at a distance. As we go from the quantum realm to the classical realm, the strangeness of the quantum world fades away. Classical laws replace quantum laws, and phenomena such as quantum entanglement or quantum tunneling cannot be observed.

Research paper: →  Click here.

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