There are three kinds of people who view my Blogs: Those who like it, those who hate it, and those who simply don’t understand. I am especially interested in this last category. I hope my Blogs will create conversation and reach people on a deeper level. I like to use metaphors and multiple levels of meaning to reach my viewer. If it makes them think and feel, then it is successful.”

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The Biggest Stars In The Universe

This amazes me. Some people that don’t believe in God, sure in the hell believe in Satan though.

“Let us not so much labor to know where hell is as how to escape it.” And that we do know. On the cross of Calvary Jesus Christ suffered what amounts to hell: he was abandoned and forsaken by his heavenly Father, punished for the sins of the world (Matthew 27:46). Through Spirit-worked faith in Jesus, forgiveness of sins is ours, and heaven, not hell is our eternal home.

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Antony Flew

Side By Side | Science and Religion.

Antony Garrard Newton Flew was an English philosopher. Belonging to the analytic and evidentialist schools of thought, Flew was most notable for his work related to the philosophy of religion. During the course of his career, he taught at the universities of Oxford, Aberdeen, Keele and Reading, and at York University in Toronto.

For much of his career Flew was known as a strong advocate of atheism, arguing that one should presuppose atheism until empirical evidence of a God surfaces. He also criticised the idea of life after death, the free will defence to the problem of evil, and the meaningfulness of the concept of God. In 2003 he was one of the signatories of the Humanist Manifesto III.

However, in 2004 he changed his position and stated that he now believed in the existence of an Intelligent Creator of the universe, shocking colleagues and fellow atheists. In order to further clarify his personal concept of God, Flew openly made allegiance to Deism, more specifically a belief in the Aristotelian God, and dismissed on many occasions a hypothetical conversion to Christianity, Islam, or any other religion. He stated that in keeping his lifelong commitment to go where the evidence leads, he now believed in the existence of a God. ~ Wikipedia

Side By Side | Science and Religion.

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Humans are able to conquer the universe. And what do we do? We build bombs and kill each other. Something is definitely wrong here. Something evil is at work here.

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Why Do You Remember The Past But Not The Future?

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