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China’s Muslims

A genocide of Uighur Muslims is underway in Xinjiang, but the Islamic world has chosen China’s money over China’s Muslims. The principle of ‘Muslim brotherhood’ is being used based on economic interests. On Gravitas Plus, Palki Sharma Upadhyay challenges the … Continue reading

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Joshua Philipp

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Compassionate Capitalism vs. Crony Capitalism Compassionate Capitalism Many prominent business leaders and experts are calling for Capitalism to move beyond the “Profit at all costs” paradigm and into a kinder and gentler variety that can place communities and people above … Continue reading

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Pundit vs. Investigative Journalism

I’m going to explain to you how I gather political News. Is the source reliable? Is the source have a good reputation. Does this source have ulterior motives? There’s more but these are just a few. The so-called mainstream media … Continue reading

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Broken Mice

Portal episode 19: ‘All Our Mice Are Broken’ Portal episode 18: ‘Slipping the DISC’

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