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The Key

I stick my key in the front door to lock it. I turned the key the wrong way. To me, I created Entropy. If I had turned the key the right way, I would have created Negentropy. Is your life … Continue reading

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What cause The Big Bang. Something, very very small particles, cooled and clumped together. When these particles clumped together it got very very hot. So hot you can’t even understand this temperature. This is what caused The Big Bang. The … Continue reading

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China’s Muslims

A genocide of Uighur Muslims is underway in Xinjiang, but the Islamic world has chosen China’s money over China’s Muslims. The principle of ‘Muslim brotherhood’ is being used based on economic interests. On Gravitas Plus, Palki Sharma Upadhyay challenges the … Continue reading

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God and Mathematics

The effectiveness of mathematics is a miracle which we neither understand nor deserve.Why does mathematics work?Think about it… Mathematical entities like numbers, sets, and equations are non-physical and abstract. They can’t cause anything. Yet, for some reason, the physical universe … Continue reading

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The cross is offensive because it confronts people. Even so, it’s a confrontation That all of us must face.

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