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Women In Philosophy Religion

Sarah Coakley – Can Philosophy of Religion Find God?

Meghan Sullivan – Can Metaphysics Discern God?

Victoria Harrison – Does Philosophy Inform Religion?

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein – Why Philosophy of Science

Nancey Murphy – Theological Epistemology: How Can We Know God? (Part 1)

Susan Blackmore – Can Religion Be Explained Without God?

Elizabeth Loftus – Powers of Religious Belief?

Eleonore Stump – Does Evil Disprove God?

Katherin Rogers – Does God’s Knowledge Quash, Free Will?

Celia Deanne-Drummond – Can Moral Theory Affect Deep Ontology?

Judith Wolfe – Can the Arts Reveal God’s Traits?

Venerable Dr. Yifa – Do Diverse Religions Give Complementary Insights?

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein – Why Philosophy of Science

Sabine Hossenfelder – What are Breakthroughs in Science?

Lisa Randall – Asking Ultimate Questions?

Adina Roskies – How does Philosophy Illuminate the Physical World?

Alison Gopnik – What is Causation?

Laura Mersin-Houghton – Physics of the Observe

Jenann Ismael – Why Do We Search for Symmetry?

Wendy Freedman – Why is the Universe Expanding?

Jill Tarter – What would Intelligent Aliens Mean?

Licia Verde – What is the Deep Nature of Probability?

Karen Uhlenbeck – How is Mathematics Truth and Beauty?

Jenann Ismael – Free Will: Where’s the Problem?

Adina Roskies – Free Will and Moral Responsibility?

Thalia Wheatley – Philosophy of Free Will

Alison Gopnik – What is Theory of Mind?

Elizabeth Loftus – Powers of the Subconscious?

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein – Is Consciousness Irreducible?

Susan Blackmore – How Brain Makes Mind?

Kelsey Martin – Does Brain Make Mind?

Susan Greenfield – When Brains Go Bad?

Marilyn Schlitz – Does Consciousness Defeat Materialism?

Venerable Dr. Yifa – Do Persons have Souls

Simone Schnall – How does Art Affect Perception, Cognition, Emotion?