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For many years science and religion have been pulling further and further apart. Human Conscience, Theology, Philosophy being the central part of bringing science and religion together. Multiple stories will bring together a group of outstanding and intelligent men, women, and children who will conquer interstellar space travel and Artificial Intelligence.
~ Norman L Bliss, Author

Closer To Truth explores fundamental issues of universe, brain/mind, religion, meaning and purpose through intimate, candid conversations with leading scientists, philosophers, scholars, theologians, and creative thinkers of all kinds.
~ Robert Lawrence Kuhn

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Robin Collins

Robin Alan Collins is an American philosopher. He currently serves as the Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and chair of the Department of Philosophy at Messiah University in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. His main interests include philosophical issues related to the relationship between religion and science and philosophical theology.

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Theoretical physicist Paul Davies writes that, when looking at the overall structure of the universe, “the impression of design is overwhelming” (1988, p. 203). I agree. And the famous atheist philosopher, Antony Flew, has also come to agree, citing the appearance of cosmic design as the main reason for his conversion to belief in some sort of intelligent designer. During the last one hundred years, physicists have discovered at least three features of the universe that point to a transcendent, intelligent designer:

01. The so-called fine-tuning of laws, constants, and initial conditions of the universe for complex life of comparable intelligence to ourselves.

02. The extraordinary beauty and elegance of the laws and mathematical structure of the universe.

03. The intelligibility and discoverability of the basic structure of nature.

I will briefly look at each of these in turn, and then at why they count as significant evidence for design.

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