Crush An Atom Beyond Recognition

I’m currently working on a theory in  Entropy. If I can prove my theory, this will make me a Scientist. This could qualify me for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Well, I figured out what Dark Matter, Dark Energy is. Entropy, Atoms that have been crushed by black holes. Atoms go into a Black Hole, Dark Energy Dark Matter comes out from a white hole. What a dark hole does to an Adam is more than just spaghettified it. A black hole crushes an Atom beyond recognition, beyond our experience. The crushing force is so powerful the Atom is practically crushed out of existence, thus creating dark matter dark energy.

This should make me a scientist and qualify me for the Nobel Peace Prize for figuring out where Dark Matter and Dark Energy comes from. ~ Norman L. Bliss


Crush An Atom Beyond Recognition

Let’s say the black hole formed from a neutron star, so all the atoms not at the surface of the neutron star are crushed into a “sea” of neutrons. But add more mass, and the neutrons themselves are not strong enough to support the weight, and the neutron star collapses into a black hole.

In that case, the atoms are crushed beyond recognition, beyond our experience. Atoms are extremely compressed into a state that does not exist outside a black hole. In black holes, a famous theory of Albert Einstein works I. e. E=MCsq. It means that if anything crosses the speed of light sq speed then it will become energy. Thus everything goes inside a black hole become energy, or it comes out from a white hole.

What Happens To Atoms In A Black Hole?



E=mc2sq is one of the most famous equations in physics, even to non-physicists. It states a relationship between energy (E), in whatever form, and relativistic mass (m). In this formula, c², the square of the speed of light in a vacuum, is the conversion factor required to formally convert from units of mass to units of energy, i.e. the energy per unit mass. In unit-specific terms, E (joules) = m (kilograms) multiplied by (299792458 m/s)2.

The equation was first published in a slightly different formulation by Albert Einstein in 1905 in one of his famous articles. He derived it as a consequence of the special theory of relativity which he had proposed the same year.”


The world around us is made of atoms. Did you ever wonder where these atoms came from? How were the gold in our jewelry, the carbon in our bodies, and the iron in our cars made? In this lecture, we will trace the origin of a gold atom from the Big Bang to the present day, and beyond. You will learn how the elements were forged in the nuclear furnaces inside stars, and how, when they die, these massive stars spread the elements into space. You will learn about the origin of the building blocks of matter in the Big Bang, and we will speculate on the future of the atoms around us today.
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