Ignorant Americans

There are two kinds of Americans. Ignorant-Americans and Smart-Americans. I’ll be speaking to the ignorant Americans.

Y’all remember all those American companies that you let slide away from America to China to avoid pain a living wage, vacation pay, holiday pay, medical insurance, etc. Well why not they have slave labor in China. Why should the American companies put up with your sorry a**?

Y’all, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Ignorant-Americans you lie down on your sofa drinking your beer, doing your drugs, fighting with your wife ignoring your children cussing politicians because they won’t increase your unemployment check.

Well guess what you Ignorant-Americans, there’s a war brewing in the South China Sea. I’m sure y’all don’t know about this because you waste your time watching Corporate Media News. When this Cold War gets started into a war guess who’s going to be making all those war supplies for China? In case you can’t figure it out all those American companies you let’s slide away to China.

Let me explain to you how the Communist Chinese Party works. They have no moral compass and you ignorant Americans have forgotten God.

Michael Pompeo, Secretary Of State → Click Here

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