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Will humans survive? No. Why? Because they are wallowing in their situation. What is the human’s situation? Ignorance. Humans murder each other for paper.

Is there a God? Absolutely. How do I know? Because humans have a conscience. Humans have a conscience because humans have a soul. There are two ways of looking at this. Either you are an Android, or you are a Human. Androids do not have a soul, therefore, they don’t need a conscience. On the other hand, humans have a soul. Therefore, they have a conscience. Simple.

Why do humans need a conscience and a soul? Humans have a conscience so they will know right from wrong, good and evil. Humans have a soul so they can judge themselves and others.

A good example of two humans good and evil. Take a look at Jeffrey Epstein and Billy Graham. Did you just judge these two men? And what were your results? You just used your conscience and your soul to judge good and evil.

“The Cosmos Is Spatially Infinite”

Are there intelligent aliens? Absolutely. How do I know? Because of huge empty voids in our universe. The Local Void, Boötes Void. (Look to Wikipedia for a list of voids.)

An advanced alien race would take Galaxies one by one and strip their solar systems of their planets and Dyson Sphere the suns for energy. Kardashev scale:

A Type I civilization: also called a planetary civilization can use and store all the energy available on its planet.
A Type II civilization: also called a stellar civilization can use and control energy at the scale of its solar system.
A Type III civilization: also called a galactic civilization can control energy at the scale of its entire host galaxy.

Some scientists believe our solar system is in the Milky Way Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy is in a Universe. The Universe was created from what the scientists call “The Big Bang.” But they have no idea what the Universe is in.
Some scientists believe that our Universe is expanding and the galaxies that we see today will disappear in this expansion.
Scientist believes our universe is billions of light-years across. And will expand as time passes.
I don’t leave we are in a Universe. The Big Bang happened in Infinite. You can’t even imagine how huge this is. Some scientists believe in multi Universes. “I believe there’s multi Big Bangs in infinite. ” Now try to imagine this. Billions of Big Bangs happening all the time some have expanded a great deal more the 93 billion light-years and some less. Billions Upon billions a Big Bangs are happening all the time in infinite. Try to think how huge this must be, and you will fall off your chair.