Subatomic Particles

This is what energy may look like if you could see it. You can’t see energy.

I have a theory. Subatomic Particles are the smallest things in the universe. They don’t look like anything because you can’t see them their energy. There are probably other theories for the smallest thing in the universe. This is mine.

How does Subatomic Particles work? To me, Subatomic Particles can communicate with your conscience using Photons. In my book, I’m writing my theory, how an Android can communicate with a human, and how the human can communicate with the Android using the human’s conscience, how a human was able to develop his conscience so he can communicate with this Android.

If scientists develop an intelligent Android without a conscience, it will not go well for humans. Intelligent androids will need a conscience for humans to survive the smart androids. It’s impossible to develop an Android with its own conscience.

With intelligent androids, humans will be able to travel the galaxies and then the universe. In my book, we humans do

If you’re in a store and you’re going to the checkout stand, your conscience tells you don’t forget the bananas. This is my theory on how this is working. Your conscience works through Photons and Subatomic Particles. Where do your Subatomic Particles get this information from? Your soul.

Scientists is trying to develop an intelligent Android with a conscience, they are starting with the human brain. They are working backward. They should start with the soul. From the soul go to the subatomic particles. From the subatomic particles to the conscience. From the conscience to the brain. From the brain to the eyes. From the eyes to the hands. And then you pick up the bananas.

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