The Kicker

Well I think I’ll talk about Atheism and God. Atheist and people of faith have been at each other’s throats since the beginning. I think this is the fault of the Philosophers. If they would’ve went in another direction maybe atheism and people of faith would get along. That’s a shame because once atheism and people of faith come together they can create a new mathematics that will be able to be used to solve many problems.

I think the Philosophers tried to explain the true God in with the other gods. Clumping the true God in with all the other Gods. like the God of rage and others. The God of rage is a God because it is in everybody and we bow down to it. But there is only one true God that created everything. We people of faith and atheist argue about the dumbest things concerning God. There is a true God a one and only God that created everything.

So now this is where my story begins. what humans could do if they had those new mathematics I talked about in the beginning. First, we have a brain that we only use 10%. When we start using 100% of our brain. We will be able to do this once we have this new mathematics. Let me give you an example of some of the things we humans will be able to do. We, humans, are on the planet earth in the solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy in a universe. The universe is expanding into Infinity. If for a moment you could step out of this universe you would be in Infinity. You would see all of the universes that are expanding in Infinity. Universes are billions of light-years in diameter. Some are smaller and some are a lot larger. There are things going on inside these universes that we can’t even imagine. And to give you an idea how many universes there are, while you’re standing in Infinity and if all the universes where the size of a quarter There would be a never-ending site of universes as far as you could see in all directions. Some universes in Infinity are so close that day lean into another universe. There’s a void on the edge of our universe that is a dark circle billions of light-years in diameter that scientists believe it’s another universe pressing up against our universe. And some universes in Infinity are so far apart you cannot see the other universes.

Now here’s the kicker humans. God has given us Humans the key to exploring these different universes. The key is a brain a soul and a conscience. To get this key all you must do is obey the 10 commandments.

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