Who did it?

Well, I’m going to write another one of my theories. Yep, you guessed it the dreaded Coronavirus. Who did it? Was it Man or was it Mother Nature? Mother Nature should be pretty much pissed off because of global warming polluting the oceans causing the animals to go extinct, overpopulation. But then again those humans who I think try to manipulate the weather and got in trouble and are going to have to trim down the population and what better way to do it then to have a pandemic. Now Mother Nature doesn’t have a problem with this Mother Nature can cause a dreaded pandemic anytime she wants with devastating effects. And then there’s Doctor Pianka otherwise known as the lizard man who well I’m pretty sure as a biologist and said the aids virus was too slow we need a better virus to kill. Doctor Pianka said one human will have to bury nine.
Pianka’s acceptance speech for the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist Award from the Texas Academy of Science resulted in a controversy in the popular press when Forrest Mims, vice-chair of the Academy’s section on environmental science, claimed in the Society for Amateur Scientists e-journal The Citizen Scientist that Pianka had “endorsed the elimination of 95 percent of the human population” through a disease such as an airborne strain of the Ebola virus. Mims claimed that Pianka said the Earth would not survive unless its population was reduced by 95% suggesting that the planet would be “better off” if the human population was reduced and that a mutant strain of Ebola would be the most efficient means. Mims’ affiliate at the Discovery Institute, William Dembski, then informed the Department of Homeland Security that Pianka’s speech may have been intended to foment bioterrorism. This resulted in the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewing Pianka in Austin.
And then there are the Elites the ones that run this country in the world excluding China. They’d really like to get their hands-on China so they can open up a couple of dozen banks in that country. I’m wondering why they bought the property in Alaska. I have to call them the Elites because you can get killed if you name them. Y’all know who they are anyway. MY MONEY’S ON THE ELITES. You know who they are. They are the ones that pissed Jesus off in the temple and he turned over their money-changing tables.
I heard a stupid quote in a movie I was watching a little while ago. The girl asked her father if there was Aliens in the universe? Her father answered if there isn’t it sure is a lot of wasted space. That is so lame and stupid. God didn’t create the universe and put Aliens in it. God put humans in the universe to populate the universe. And what are we doing? We are fighting over rolls of toilet paper during a pandemic? Humans stick your head between your legs and kiss your *** goodbye.

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