What cause The Big Bang. Something, very very small particles, cooled and clumped together. When these particles clumped together it got very very hot. So hot you can’t even understand this temperature. This is what caused The Big Bang. The particles that were created seconds after The Big Bang we’re very very large compared to the particles they were created from. We humans can’t even comprehend the smallness of this. And when this particle clumped together created a very very big explosion, an explosion that is still going on. This is why atheist scientists believe the universe was created from nothing. They don’t understand the smallness of what created the universe. Did God have a hand in this? You bet. We don’t understand this because we are in our world. When we are in God’s world we will understand this.
One other thing. I believe we only use 10% of our brain. Some scientists believe we use all of our brain. How can this be when we have geniuses.
Scientists need to start thinking out of the box. This is why I like science you can let your imagination run away with you.
I believe humans are wasting humanity. On the road, humanity is traveling it won’t be long and humanity will be no more. What a shame. I’m always criticizing ignorant people but today I’m going to criticize the smartest people in the world. We, humans, are one planet specie? Why!

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